A sensible tax policy for Maryland


When Amazon recently announced it was seeking proposals for a second North American headquarters, the buzz that emanated from the local business and economic development communities was likely felt in the company’s Seattle headquarters. The prospect of a 50,000-person workforce, ...

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Fear and shame

Dorie Fain Big

I am in the process of joining a peer organization for founders of companies and through this experience have met an impressive group of entrepreneurs. In one conversation, the person I spoke with shared a profound comment about her belief ...

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New schools are community anchors

Joe Nathan Big

With the start of the 2017-2018 school year, some 82,000-plus Baltimore City schoolchildren have returned to their classrooms and the next round of academic adventures and challenges. As the result of the Baltimore 21st Century Schools initiative, some of the ...

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The ATF takes a pot shot at marijuana users

02.02.11 Baltimore, MD-  James B. Astrachan, of Astrachan Gunst Thomas Rubin, P.C. Portraits in his office with some books on the Law of Advertising.  (Maximilian Franz/ The Daily Record).

The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission website reads: “Important Message: Medical cannabis is currently not available in the State of Maryland.” The website states it expects availability of medical cannabis by the end of the fall “depending on industry progress.” It ...

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