Shadow government redux

Things happen. You wake up some morning and you’ve got a complex web of half-city and half-private corporations taking on a variety of government projects. There’s even a $100 million city-run bank. Only a handful of people know anything about ...

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Eight years later, Austin keeps fighting

“The Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance” – Frederick Douglass Eight years after being released from prison at the age of 53 after advances in technology confirmed his innocence, Michael Austin is still fighting. Fighting to integrate into a society ...

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To save, you’ve got to spend less

Any financial planning process begins with a change in behavior and expectations. The degree of change varies based on financial priorities, but in the end, it’s about adopting new habits and abandoning others. Before you take any of the following ...

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Transforming a hospital system

It was not an easy birth. The attending physician, a visionary doctor named Albert Farmer, died in the process. Turf battles between opposing forces within the old University of Maryland Hospital produced a kind of fight-to-the death struggle that startled ...

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