Maryland vs. Trump

Fraser Smith Big

Maryland Democrats’ effort to derail President Donald Trump moves now into a higher gear. From concerns about his relationship with Russia to health care and the travel ban punching bag, Maryland Democrats have challenged Trump where he lives politically. His ...

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Hiring, with a marketing touch

Glenda LeGendre Big

True story: A soon-to-be Ph.D. in an in-demand tech field was recently interviewed for a summer job by two of the major West Coast-based international tech companies. Each hosts a large summer internship program as essentially a “road test” of ...

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The truth about originalism

Steven Platt

President Donald Trump has nominated a new Supreme Court justice – Judge Neil Gorsuch of the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. In doing so, the president once again rhetorically focused on the doctrine which “conservatives” have historically preached from ...

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Trademarks: Are they worth registering?


Businesses often use trademarks or service marks to market products or services that they offer, investing thousands of dollars in artwork and advertising in the process. How do these businesses prevent other businesses from copying these “marks,” and how do ...

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