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Court of Appeals

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Court of Appeals upholds DNA check of suspect’s sweat

People who voluntarily submit to questioning in a police station relinquish any claim to the perspiration they happen to leave behind on a chair – even when detectives examine the bodily fluid for DNA linking them to a crime, a divided Maryland high court ruled Wednesday.

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Court repeals rule on added document for attorneys

Maryland’s top court Tuesday repealed a regulation that would have required attorneys, beginning Monday, to certify they have not included any litigant’s Social Security, taxpayer identification, bank account or medical account number in each document they file with the court.

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Finder’s fee lawsuit must be filed in 3 years, not 12

In a blow to Maryland homebuyers, the state’s top court has unanimously ruled that mortgage borrowers have just three years in which to sue mortgage brokers who allegedly failed to disclose they charged and collected finders’ fees for their brokerage services.

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