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Electronic case filing in Maryland?

Based upon some quick research I did, it looks as though there are 14 state court systems actively utilizing electronic case filing, including the District of Columbia.  Additionally, almost every federal jurisdiction has electronic case filing through the now well-known ...

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I have blogger’s block.

I just don’t know what to blog about and I have been trying to think of something for the last two weeks.  Anytime I think about writing something for the Generation J.D. blog, my mind drifts to the beach or ...

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What would Jimmy Buffett do?

Some of you have noticed – many of you probably have not – but I have not submitted a blog in the last few weeks. I wish I had some incredible excuse. You know, maybe something to do with preparing ...

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Turning down a helping hand

Apparently, there are no kids in Baltimore City who need foster care. Apparently, everyone is very well taken care of, and the city doesn’t need good-hearted people willing to come forward and take care of children who have been abused ...

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