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Representing Mom in Court

My early career has been chock full of pressure packed situations.  It sort of comes with being a young medical malpractice attorney.  Yet, nothing could prepare me for what I had to handle last week – representing my mother in ...

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Young Lawyers v. Young Doctors

Right now, I am sitting on my couch.  It’s 9:10 p.m. on a Sunday.  I’m wearing my Joe Flacco jersey, and I have spent the day with my family and friends watching playoff football… including a huge win by the ...

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Dad, “I don’t know”

I loved Keith’s post from Tuesday.  In it, he talks about trying to turn off the lawyer persona at home, citing a conversation he had with his wife about Grey’s Anatomy and whether one of the doctors on the show ...

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Conveyor Belt of Blogs

As I sit at my computer drafting this blog entry, my television is tuned to the ABC network and a television show called Conveyor Belt of Love. Not just a clever name, the show involves five women sitting in chairs ...

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