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Public resources for public good

Divya Potdar

A good start to reconciling the disparity and tackling the “social economics of poor, urban America” is funding public resources, activities and services which are free to the under-privileged. It’s no surprise that inequality of economic conditions for families is directly correlated with an inequality in opportunity.

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From briefing clients to briefing soldiers

Julius Blattner Gen JD

I was scheduled to begin a four-day, civil jury trial in Baltimore on Thursday, April 30. The night before, co-counsel and I had agreed to terms with opposing counsel for a settlement of the case. Little did I know that just hours after signing the settlement order in court, I would be reporting for state active duty with the Maryland Army National Guard to respond to the civil disturbance in Baltimore City.

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Justice for all Baltimore

Generation JD Vocci

Now is not the time to cease-and-desist until modest and comfortable reforms are made. Getting back on the same path simply does not work for thousands of people in Baltimore. The national media spotlight will fade over the next several weeks and months. However, it is my hope is that the local landscape will have been altered for those seeking a real departure in the way people are treated, educated and policed.

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