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Attack of the giant nuns

It sounds like the premise for a bad horror flick, but it’s all too real: there are 28 giant nuns on the streets of Baltimore’s central business district. Seriously. Don’t panic, though. They’re just 8-foot-tall cardboard cutouts (whew!) of the ...

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Wilkins for AG?

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham has suggested to the White House that William W. Wilkins be appointed as attorney general to replace Alberto Gonzales, South Carolina’s State newspaper reports. The conservative Wilkins, 65, is the former chief judge of the ...

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That didn’t take long

The little squirt who unlocked the iPhone has announced he’ll be trading the reworked gadget to a Kentucky-based cell phone repair company in exchange for a “sweet” Nissan 350Z. George Hotz, who I first blogged about last week, will also ...

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A new gizmo for dessert

Legal Sea Foods is serving up some new technology to go with raw oysters, 2-pound lobsters and wood-grilled wild salmon. Last weekend I took my family to meet my mother for dinner at the Legal Sea Foods in King of ...

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Sick kid? Try Johns Hopkins.

In its ongoing effort to rank just about everything, U.S. News & World Report has released its list of America’s Best Children’s Hospitals. Hold your breath (but not for too long), folks. Baltimore’s Johns Hopkins placed third, just behind Children’s ...

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No more Alberto

After weathering months of Congressional scrutiny concerning the firings of U.S. attorneys, a far-reaching domestic surveillance program, and the morale of his department, U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales announced his resignation this morning. Following weekend conversations with President George W. ...

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Whose blues are they?

As reported in today’s Daily Record, a private guard is suing a state trooper who, according to the plaintiff, once employed him in a security firm. Under state law, the owner of a security firm must have experience as a ...

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Best. Footnote. Ever.

In a disbarment case Friday, Court of Appeals Judge Glenn Harrell wrote that the respondent’s argument did not make sense, “‘Opposite Day’ notwithstanding.” Harrell, who has been known to be a bit footnote-happy, then referred the reader to footnote 8, ...

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It’s bad and it’s back!

Muscle heads unite! American Gladiators is back! Yep…that’s right! Harking back to the days of frosted mullets and Zubaz, the network that brought you The Office and The Cosby Show announced last week that it was bringing back America’s favorite ...

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