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Born free

Someone finally managed to break the lock that ties the iPhone to AT&T’s network. Of course, it was a 17 year-old. The New Jersey teenager confirmed to the AP this morning that he was using his iPhone on T-Mobile’s network, ...

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Not just at Christmas

Karen Buckelew reported today on the finances of the Salvation Army’s Baltimore Area Command, which focuses its charitable efforts on area schoolchildren, the homeless and disaster relief. From the story: It also is a charity that has been stretching its ...

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The Bow Tie Club for Law

Awhile back, the Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog created the Bow Tie Club, an exclusive society made up of top lawyers, judges, etc. who have made the bow tie their own. Following in Law Blog maestro Peter Lattman’s footsteps, let’s ...

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Blogs need controversy

I’ve decided the Blogosphere is a lonely place and maybe what makes a good blog posting is a little controversy. The world of rap music is familiar with controversy. Take the reported feud between rappers Kanye West and 50 cent ...

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Trouble brewing

The attorneys general of Maryland and 29 other places have asked federal regulators to crack down on companies that sell alcohol-and-caffeine blends, claiming their ads target young people and make questionable health claims. (AP, “Attorneys general target drinks that mix ...

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Back to School

It’s time to get the kids ready to go back to school. It’s time to argue about what clothes they will wear, whether they need a laptop and the hundreds of other minor little details that drive us parents with ...

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Lottery wins big

OK, someone needs to explain this to me. After complaining to fellow Daily Recordian and all-knowing blogger Andy Rosen, I am still in a state of confusion — nothing new if you ask those who reside in our newsroom. The ...

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