Law Digest

Law Digest – Sept. 3, 2015

Court of Appeals Contracts, Indemnification: Where a community college entered into an agreement with a medical facility under which student medical technicians gained useful experience doing blood draws at the facility and the college agreed to indemnify the facility for ...

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Law Digest – Aug. 27, 2015

Court of Special Appeals Criminal Procedure, Writ of actual innocence: The circuit court erred in denying without a hearing the defendant’s petition for writ of actual innocence because, in concluding that the evidence described in the defendant’s petition did not ...

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Law Digest – Aug. 20, 2015

  Court of Special Appeals Civil Procedure, Bankruptcy exemption: Where the circuit court granted summary judgment in favor of the defendants in plaintiff’s personal injury action on the basis that, because the plaintiff had filed for bankruptcy protection after being ...

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