Law Digest

Law digest – 3/20/14

MARYLAND COURT OF APPEALS  Criminal Procedure, De facto arrest: When police detained and transported defendant to the police station in an ongoing criminal investigation for the limited purpose of executing a warrant for his DNA and fingerprints, the three-hour delay ...

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Law digest – 2/27/14

MARYLAND COURT OF APPEALS  Criminal Procedure, Competency evaluation: Defense counsel’s passing request to have defendant “evaluated” was not sufficient to trigger the trial judge’s duty to make a determination of competency. Kennedy v. State, No. 51, Sept. Term, 2013. RecordFax ...

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Law digest – 1/24/14

MARYLAND COURT OF SPECIAL APPEALS  Constitutional Law, Special laws: State law prohibiting slot machines did not violate Maryland’s constitutional prohibition against “special laws” because the law did not specifically target plaintiff’s business, it was an adequate step toward serving the ...

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