Law Digest

Law digest – 9/24/14

MARYLAND COURT OF SPECIAL APPEALS  Contract Law, Indemnification: Community college was liable to health care organization pursuant to a clause in the parties’ contract requiring the college to indemnify the HCO for liability arising from college students’ negligent acts during ...

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Law digest – 9/10/14

Administrative Law, Driving with suspended license: Evidence was sufficient to convict defendant of driving with a suspended license even without evidence that she had actual knowledge of the suspension; based on the previous suspensions of defendant’s license and her failure to notify the Motor Vehicle Administration of her change of address for over a year, the jury could reasonably infer defendant was deliberately avoiding contact with the MVA and was thus “willfully ignorant” of the suspension. Steward v. State, No. 1796, Sept. Term, 2012. RecordFax No. 14-0827-04, 23 pages.

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