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Annapolis 2016: Winners and losers

Gov. Larry Hogan. (The Daily Record / Maximilian Franz)

Some of the winners and losers from the 2016 Maryland legislative session: WINNERS Gov. Larry Hogan — He took the high road on redistricting and redefined the budget terms of debate. Democrats grumbled about his aloof style, but there wasn’t ...

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Data protection doesn’t have to break the bank

From Sony to Target to T-Mobile, large corporations have been targeted by hackers recently, exposing sensitive information including Social Security numbers and credit card numbers. When companies with massive technology budgets get hacked, cybersecurity experts say it often discourages smaller ...

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Cybersecurity field booming

Cybersecurity bachelor’s and master’s programs in Maryland are enrolling a growing number of students seeking to obtain credential on the way to a new job or advance their current careers in the field. Dr. Richard Forno, director of the University ...

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Cyber threats

Recognizing risks posed by working with computer technology and electronic devices is the first step each company must take toward cybersecurity. Part of the difficulty in fending off threats is that it is often easy for employees to click right ...

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