The Daily Record’s Awards Receptions & Business Networking Events

Leading Women

December 2015

Leading Women recognizes women age 40 or younger for their professional accomplishments and commitment to inspiring change.

Annapolis Summit

January 2016

The Annapolis Summit – a must-see for Maryland’s most connected businesspeople and in-the-know politicos – features in-depth discussion and candid commentary with the state’s political leaders.

Influential Marylanders

March 2016

Influential Marylanders honors individuals who have made a significant impact in their field and are influential leaders in Maryland.

Top 100 Women

May 2016

Top 100 Women honors 100 outstanding women for professional accomplishment and dedication to community and mentoring.

20 in their Twenties

June 2016

20 In Their Twenties recognizes the best and brightest under 30 who are already contributing a new energy in Maryland.

VIP List

August 2016

VIP List recognizes very important professionals who are 40 years old or younger for their professional accomplishments and community involvement.

Maryland's Most Admired CEOs

September 2015

Most Admired CEOs honors business CEOs and nonprofit executive directors throughout our state who are admired for their leadership and professionalism.

Innovator of the Year

October 2015

Innovator of the Year recognizes individuals and companies that have created a product, service or program that has had a positive effect on their business, industry or community.

Leadership In Law

November 2015

Leadership in Law honors legal leaders who are making a significant impact on the profession and their community.

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