‘Doomsday’ clock is ticking

“Doomsday” is less than 74 days away.

That is, the impact of a fiscal 2013 budget enacted by the General Assembly that contains some $500 million in cuts could be felt in less than 74 days, when it would officially become effective on July 1.

And in case legislators aren’t keeping an eye on the clock, the Maryland State Education Association created one for them.

The group unveiled a “doomsday” clock at their Annapolis headquarters on Wednesday, where a number of Marylanders spoke about what the “doomsday” budget would mean to public safety, education and other public services. The countdown is also on the association’s website.

The message to legislators was clear: the clock is ticking.

The education association was just the latest group to weigh in on the possibility of a special legislative session that is expected to be called to prevent the spending cuts. Tuesday, the House of Delegates’ Republican caucus called a press conference to say such a session is not necessary.

Regardless, the state’s budget remains $70 million out-of-balance, which must be corrected by the legislature or through additional cuts approved by the Board of Public Works.

One thought on “‘Doomsday’ clock is ticking

  1. For the approximately 250,000 children in Maryland who are living in poverty, the doomsday budget promises $200 million in cuts to Public Education. These cuts will fall predominantly in regions with the highest number of socio-economically challenged families. In a word: unconscionable!

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