Dutch bows out

Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger, the six-term Baltimore County Democrat, will forego a run for Maryland governor and instead seek a seventh term in Congress.

Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger

Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger

In a statement issued Wednesday afternoon, the former-Baltimore County Executive thanked Marylanders who encouraged him to run for top state job in 2014. Continue reading

Snow can’t stop Hogan from officially entering race for governor

What’s a little (or a lot) of snow when it comes to officially announcing that your running for governor of Maryland.

Larry Hogan

Larry Hogan

Larry Hogan had planned to officially announce his candidacy later today at a rally at Mike’s Crab House in Riva but mother nature had other plans.

So Hogan made two official announcements. Continue reading

Craig proposes move away from state health benefit exchange site

A Republican candidate for governor and his running mate are calling for Maryland to divert money earmarked for promoting the state health care benefit exchange to efforts that would encourage residents to sign up for insurance using private brokers.

Harford County Executive David Craig

Harford County Executive David Craig

“Up to $150 million dollars is going towards promoting a failing exchange, and throwing good money after bad needs to end now,” said Harford County Executive David Craig in a statement Monday.  “The administration must realize that their intended solutions are only causing more problems, creating mass confusion, ruining credibility in government and harming our quality of life.”

Craig said he supports seeking a waiver from the federal Department of Health and Human Services that would allow the state to “re-program funds to launch a public awareness campaign informing consumers of their right to obtain health insurance directly through carriers” as well as a complimentary campaign focusing on resident’s rights to use licensed insurance brokers to obtain qualified insurance plans. Continue reading

Baltimore restaurant owner not a fan of Anthony Brown

One of two plaintiffs who brought suit last month against the Maryland State Board of Elections as well as Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown and his running mate Howard County Executive Ken Ulman previously accused Brown’s campaign of voter intimidation.

Casey Jenkins

Casey Jenkins, a local chef and owner of Darker than Blue Cafe, is a plaintiff in a lawsuit that names Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown as a defendant. [Screen capture of a YouTube video by Doni Glover/Bmorenews.com]

Casey A. Jenkins, chef and owner of Darker than Blue Cafe on Greenmount Avenue, also reportedly had a run-in with Brown during a campaign event at Waverly Middle School in which Jenkins attempted to “shout down” the lieutenant governor.
Continue reading

Obamacare fallout and the race for Maryland governor

Doug Gansler’s campaign for governor has gotten off to a rocky start and the attorney general and Montgomery County Democrat may now be attempting to paste a political opponent with the failures of the state’s fledgling  health care exchange.

Gansler, DougMF30

Doug Gansler

On Friday, Gansler replaced campaign manager Matthew “Mudcat” Arnold with Antigone Davis, a long-time Gansler aide. Davis is the third person to hold the job since August.

Earlier in the year, the attorney general was the focus of a number of unflattering stories including a Washington Post report about issues related to the use of his Maryland State Police protection unit and his state vehicle. A separate report highlighted Gansler’s appearance at an underage kegger [Gansler said he was just visiting his son who was at the party but not drinking alcohol].

But the failure of the Maryland state health benefits exchange presents an opportunity to turn the focus on to Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, according to Politico. Continue reading

Board of elections memo hurts Gansler fundraising effort

A four-page memo on campaign fundraising during the 2014 General Assembly session will mostly likely hurt Doug Gansler more than any other declared gubernatorial candidate.

Doug Gansler and Jolene Ivey

Doug Gansler and Jolene Ivey

The memo released Thursday by the Maryland State Board of Elections lays out who is legally allowed to raise money during the 90-day session. Under state law, the governor, lieutenant governor, comptroller, attorney general and all 188 members of the House and Senate are barred from soliciting or receiving donations or participating in the planning or promotion of events that would happen after the session ends. Continue reading

Cardin wants your butts biodegradable

Hey smokers, Del. Jon Cardin is angry about what your butts are doing to the environment and has a plan to fix it.

Jon Cardin

Del. Jon Cardin

Today’s entry from the Wheel of Random Issues comes from the Baltimore County Democrat who is also a candidate for state attorney general. Cardin announced Thursday that he plans to introduce a bill requiring all cigarettes sold in Maryland to come with biodegradable butts.

“Cigarette filters are toxic to both humans and the environment,” Cardin said in a statement. “I know this will be viewed as an audacious idea by some, but these are the kinds of forward thinking ideas we need to protect our children and families and to ensure that we continue to have safe air to breath and clean water to drink.” Continue reading

O’Malley ‘little more than a footnote’ in Iowa

Two years away from the first Iowa Caucuses, most voters in that state have no idea who Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley is, according to a poll conducted by the Des Moines Register.

Gov. Martin O'Malley

Gov. Martin O’Malley

Of those surveyed by the paper, 69 percent said they had no idea who O’Malley was. That same poll found that about 18 percent said the governor had a very favorable or mostly favorable name recognition and about 13 percent of those surveyed said he had a mostly unfavorable or very unfavorable name recognition. Continue reading

Bongino serves GOP ‘with divorce papers’

Republican Congressional candidate Dan Bongino has served his party “with divorce papers.”

In a open message to the party posted on Facebook, Bongino criticizes establishment Republicans for selling out party principles.

“As for the GOP, we used to stand for something; a lean, effective government, vibrant and robust individual liberty, and a passionate defense of the value of hard work and a commensurate respect for your wages by consistently fighting for your right to keep more of them. Where do you stand now?” Bongino wrote. “I know where the grassroots does. Continue reading

State issues updated rules for reporters

Reporters expecting to cover the 2014 General Assembly session will have to submit to a criminal background check, under new rules issued by the governor’s office and the Department of General Services.


Maryland State House

A draft of the guidelines obtained by The Daily Record state that all reporters currently holding press credentials through the state, even if they have not yet expired, will have to apply for the new badges. Continue reading