Have you claimed your AVVO profile?

A few months ago, I stumbled upon a website called AVVO, pronounced, “ah-vo”. According to the “About Us” on its website, “Avvo empowers consumers by rating doctors  and lawyers, and having these real professionals answer their questions — all for free. Avvo profiles contain helpful information including experience, background, disciplinary history, and reviews from patients and clients.”

Each attorney is given a rating of 1-10, although some are rated as “no concern.” The rating is calculated using “a mathematical model that considers elements such as years of experience, board certification, education, disciplinary history, professional achievement, and industry recognition — all factors that are relevant to assessing a doctor or lawyer’s qualifications.”

I won’t comment on whether the rating system is accurate or flawed – there are enough articles on that subject. I will opine on the system, which I’ve taken seriously.

I’ve done so for two reasons: clients and prospective clients. Point in fact, over the past several weeks I have spoken with several clients who have referred to my AVVO rating as a reason for their contacting me.

Why? Because when they saw my legal advertisement or were recommended my services by a friend, they searched me online. Guess what? My AVVO profile is one of the first results on the search, and unlike the other results, it has a rating system that is visually attractive to prospective clients.

While some attorneys may be skeptical of a rating system, particularly the indices that construct the model, I would point out that clients are not. With a professional look and several attorneys appearing to endorse the website through their participation, clients have little choice but to believe AVVO is an accurate assessment of an attorney’s skill.

Whether that conclusion is accurate is questionable. What’s not, at least in my situation, is the fact that clients are examining my profile and determining whether I can serve their needs. For that reason and that reason alone, I will continue to update my AVVO profile.

2 thoughts on “Have you claimed your AVVO profile?

  1. Lately I’ve had occasion to read about hundreds of lawyers who have been disciplined by their respective bar associations and virtually every one of them has had a perfect Professionalism score on Avvo. Avvo is a well known joke. If your clients take it seriously you need better (and probably more) clients. On the other hand, if you’re just generalizing from a few examples, as I suspect, then this is a non-story.

  2. I think all of this is right. For lots of obvious reasons, the Avvo rating system is not going to provide a great lens to evaluate lawyers. I claimed my profile filled out the information and have a 10 out of 10. Does it follow that I deserve to be a 10? Of course not. But potential clients do use whatever limited information they can get their hands on so it makes sense to do what you can to “play along.”

    This is no knock on Avvo. They have developed a good system for rating lawyers that is probably superior to every other system out there. But it is still awful.

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