How do I nominate someone for Innovator of the Year?
You can nominate for Innovator of the Year by clicking on the nomination link and filling out the nomination form for yourself or for another person/organization. Nominations for Innovator of the Year are due by July 10.

When will the Innovator of the Year winners be announced?

Who is eligible to win Innovator of the Year?
Companies and individuals can win this award multiple times. However, the innovation being considered must have been created or implemented within an 18-month period prior to the close of nominations. So, to be considered for the 2014 awards, your innovation must have been created or implemented between Jan. 1, 2013 and July 2014.
Winners are selected by a panel of business and legal professionals and a representative from The Daily Record.

How can I support Innovator of the Year?
Innovator is supported through sponsorships. These packages include an ad in the Innovator of the Year magazine and a variety of other ways for your company to be recognized. Please contact Morgan Cook at 443-524-8181 or morgan.cook@thedailyrecord.com for more information.

Where and when will the event be held?
The event will be held in October. The location has not yet been determined.

How can I get a copy of the Innovator of the Year magazine?
Please contact Clare Sheehan at 443-524-8101 or clare.sheehan@thedailyrecord.com. The magazine will be available at the event as well as in The Daily Record and online (for subscribers).

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