“Thank you to you and the Daily Record team for having orchestrated such a memorable event last evening. The photos and video are terrific. Many thanks  for sending them, and also the various links and details. And, thank you again for the award. Truly an honor!”

Valerie J. Gross, MM, MLS, JD, President & CEO, Howard County Library System (2015 Innovator of the Year Winner)

“Suzanne: Please thank your staff from The Levit Family and Creating Communities. You all ran a beautiful event, everything, every little detail was beautifully done and just right. It ran without a hitch and that’s how you know how hard a great staff worked.

I think the idea of 25 innovators is perfect. It is obvious from last night’s recipients that no one person can possible “own” the title. There were so many inspirational and interesting projects. It was definitely the “no slacker zone” for sure!

Thanks again for the opportunity and this is an award that means a great deal for me personally and one that I believe can be leveraged for the benefit of Creating Communities and those we serve.

Bravo and job well done, very impressive.”

                  Rob Levit, Creating Communities, (2013 Innovator of the Year Winner)

“The event was handled very well and I received several comments from my guests how the flow and the content of the program made it very enjoyable. It moved quickly and smoothly – excellent job! Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to promote our business and the EasyGo™ in a professional and celebratory way. It’s an honor to receive recognition from a well-established publication with an exemplary reputation.”

Kathy Wilmot, vice president, Wilmot Modular Structures Inc. (2012 Innovator of the Year Winner)

“I thought the event was great. Just enough networking, while still having a sit down dinner (which I like). The awards ceremony itself was not too long, and very well done. Kudos!”

Ann Lansinger, executive director and president, Emerging Technology Centers (2011 Innovator of the Year Winner)