At Bank of America, avatar recruits talent

host2.jpgWhen I saw the headline “Bank of America hires an avatar” on, my first thought was “Great. Now I’m not only competing with other living, breathing candidates, I’ve got to beat out imaginary ones, too.”

But when I read the story and visited B of A’s careers page, and the smiling video host walked out of the left side of my screen and promised that B of A offers talented individuals “the opportunity to excel,” I found it hard to hold anything against her. Especially when she saved me some time by pointing out all the different options in the behemoth’s online career center.

Fast Company’s Rusty Weston thinks the bank’s careers site has lots of goodies, including interview tips and a separate section for college students/entry-level workers (who probably turn to the bank’s online presence first in their job search).

Any other large corporations with stellar career sites that you’ve found easy to use?

For a quick look, here’s a few local companies’ career sites: UnderArmour’s, McCormick’s, Discovery Communication’s.

JACKIE SAUTER, Multimedia Editor

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