Are we – finally – in a recession?

I’ve tried not to casually throw around the word “recession” on this blog, but it’s time we discussed the possibility.

Obviously, there’s been a rising number of home foreclosures nationwide, and yes, gas is up to almost $4 per gallon (it’s there already in Hawaii and parts of Calif.). Never mind the cost of food.

Well, this report hits close to home.

A group of churches in Frederick says there’s been a 30 percent jump in the number of people who’ve asked for help to make ends meet this year.

The Religious Coalition for Emergency Human Needs says more than 500 people asked for emergency aid in each of the first two months of this year. The group’s director says some of the requests are coming from people strapped by foreclosures on their homes, the high prices of home heating oil and gas.

Is this just the beginning of a recession’s impact on Maryland?

Or can the state get away relatively unscathed, thanks to our stable industries?


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