Employees depart over NPO’s bachelor auction fundraiser

Is a firefighter bachelor auction held at a bar an appropriate fundraiser for the Red Cross?

This seems to be the question that’s led to a purge of employees from the Frederick County Red Cross – both resignations and terminations.

The group’s executive director was fired March 19 after objecting to the plans, according to a story in the Frederick News-Post. Two more longtime employees resigned this week.

Here’s the crux of the “inappropriate” argument: The Red Cross organization advises its workers and volunteers to avoid bars and taverns while representing the Red Cross.

However, there is no such language in the organization’s written code of conduct.

In this situation, once the Frederick chapter was told there were no legal concerns over the event, it was up to the board members to make the final decision.

And on Wednesday, the bachelor auction was held at the Greene Turtle Sports Bar and Grille. The event raised more than $4,000.

Do you think a bachelor auction is appropriate for an esteemed NPO? Or should nonprofits steer away from mixing business and pleasure?


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