Loyola gets a nod for its tech offerings

PC Magazine just released its list of the “Top Wired Colleges” for 2008, and a local name makes an appearance: Loyola College in Maryland. The school - soon to be re-christened Loyola University Maryland - is number 12 overall, in contrast to 2006, when it wasn’t even ranked.

Done in connection with the Princeton Review, the list identifies the schools with the “most comprehensive technology offerings.” And Loyola has some interesting company. For example, I expect MIT to be on the short list, but I’d expect it to be a lot higher than 20. And I’m curious how it fell so quickly from its number 2 position in the 2006 rankings.

So congratulations to our local school. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign was number 1, for the record.

JOE BACCHUS, Web Specialist

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