Real Astute

The Daily Record often covers big real estate projects built by major developers with well-funded investors. But today marks the inaugural installation of something different: “Real Astute,” an occasional feature where I will profile small-time residential real estate investors.

The idea is to highlight folks who have made interesting and/or successful investments, done fun things with equity, taken a chance on a transitional neighborhood, or otherwise done extraordinary things with real estate in and around Baltimore.

Today we meet Nik Todorov, a 26-year-old Bulgarian immigrant who came to America six years ago with virtually nothing, but now owns two houses, is a partner in a retail kiosk business (you know – those jewelry stands in the Inner Harbor), auctions off residential properties he buys from wholesalers, and brokers homes the old-fashioned way for Keller Williams.

I hope you take a look at the story itself to find out how Nik turned his networking skills and work ethic into solid small business practice. In the coming weeks and months, I’ve got a few other subjects in mind, from a former WWF wrestler to a green building innovator in Northeast Baltimore.

Meanwhile, I want to hear from you! If you or anyone you know has real estate dreams, has renovated and sold a house to some success, or who has taken a chance and come out on the right side of a real estate deal, let me hear about it! The more amateur, the better!

Send tips to me at robbie.whelan[at], and we’ll see if you or your friends, family, or colleagues end up featured as “Real Astute.”

Thanks in advance!

ROBBIE WHELAN, Business Writer

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