Little Ray-Ray born at Maryland Zoo

There’s a new Ray-Ray in town.

It’s a baby addra gazelle at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. The calf was born Feb. 5 (a day before the Superbowl), and weighed 11 lbs, 6 oz. at birth. Zoo folks named the calf “Ray-Ray” after Ravens players Ray Lewis and Ray Rice. Cute, right?

“When deciding what his name should be, Zoo staff thought of the Ravens,” Don Hutchinson, CEO of the Zoo, said in a statement. “Ray Lewis epitomizes the strength of the gazelle and Ray Rice the speed. Naming him Ray-Ray seemed a fitting tribute.”

Wonder what the Zoo’s ravens think of that one.

Also interesting is that his mother, Pearl, is 11 years old while the father, Makuru, is 4 years old. Pearl didn’t take to her calf after birth, so Zoo employees are hand-rearing little Ray-Ray.

The early intervention was important to Ray-Ray’s health, especially since addra gazelles are an endangered species. They typically live in Africa’s Sahara Desert region, and Ray-Ray’s birth is part of a nation-wide plan to breed more of these gazelles in zoos .

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