Another reason why time begins on Opening Day

The collective mood of Baltimore’s baseball faithful is off-the-charts positive today with the Orioles off to a 3-0 start after a season-opening sweep of the Tampa Bay Rays.

Those 162-0 tweets and Facebook updates never get old to this long-suffering fan.

The O’s host the Detroit Tigers today in its home opener, which means new life for the businesses and vendors in and around Oriole Park at Camden Yards. To that end, our old friend Daraius Irani at Towson University’s Regional Economic Studies Institute examines what Opening Day means in terms of dollars and cents.

One finding: If a team boosts its winning percentage by 10 percent, its home attendance climbs by about 9.6 percent.

Irani crunches some gross domestic product numbers and reveals that Camden Yards attendance over an entire season impacts state GDP to the tune of $175 million. About 2,500 jobs are created and more than $18 million in state and local taxes are generated.

Irani also pulls out numbers for Opening Day alone, without factoring in lost productivity from all the worker bees playing hooky today to see the game.

Count me among the faithful who used to never miss an Opening Day at the ballyard, even if it meant heading back to the office by the 5th inning. Today, I’ll be pulling for Jake Arrieta — and the businesses and vendors — from the friendly confines of my Saratoga Street cubicle.

Play ball!

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