Say ‘goodbye’ to saying ‘hello’ at Walmart

In an effort to cut costs and maintain the right level of staffing during busy hours,  Walmart has removed greeters from its 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. shift. Over the past six months, the company has been reassigning these people to other positions, such as stocking shelves and manning cash registers.

The majority were able to find positions within the same store or another one close by, said company spokeswoman Ashley Hardie.

“Same-store sales at Walmart’s namesake U.S. locations declined for nine straight quarters before snapping the streak with a 1.3 percent gain for the quarter ended in October,” according to a report by Bloomberg.

Greeters have been a 32-year tradition at Walmart. The superstore chain has more than 3,000 locations nationwide and 45 stores in Maryland, including 16 Supercenters, which are typically open 24/7.

What do you think — will you miss someone standing at the door when you come in for a midnight snack?

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