Bleed purple, drink purple

Baltimore BeerIn Tuesday’s paper, we talked to some local caterers about how they are “Ravens-izing” their menus for the Super Bowl.

But you can also up your game for the big game from the comfort of your own home thanks to the good folks at McCormick & Co.

Their website features a plethora of Super Bowl recipes, including cookies for both the Ravens and 49ers fans in your life.

Lest you think the Sparks-based spice giant is not behind the hometown team, the site also features prominently the recipe for Baltimore Purple Beer.

A little McCormick purple dye, a little McCormick blue dye, a 12-ounce, light-colored beer and follow these directions:

Gently stir food colors into beer. Serve immediately.

If anyone needs a taste tester, we’re happy to help.

(Photo: McCormick)


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