Picking Super Bowl matter of employing right numbers

When trying to analyze the Super Bowl, prognosticators had plenty of statistics at their disposal. But it turns out they could have skipped the percentages on third-down success and defense in the red zone and just looked at one number.

That number? Unemployment.

Risesmart, an outplacement service, points out that the Ravens’ victory over the 49ers on Sunday makes it 21 times in the past 26 years that the metropolitan area with the lower unemployment rate has won the Super Bowl.

The Baltimore region’s rates for December (7.0 percent) and for 2012 (7.2) were better than San Francisco’s (7.3, 8.2). Using those figures, Risesmart predicted the Ravens’ victory two weeks ago.

The last time a team representing the higher jobless rate won a Super Bowl was in 2008, when the New York Giants (4.4) upset the New England Patriots (4.1).

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