End of iron-y

When last we mentioned the Monopoly token vote, it appeared the boot was in big trouble. But when the final results were announced Wednesday, there was a new wrinkle.

Actually, there will be lots of new wrinkles, because the iron is gone.

Hasbro, the game’s maker, said that the iron got the fewest votes in a poll on the eight tokens conducted via Facebook. A late surge apparently saved the boot and the wheelbarrow. But those two also had the benefit of a social media push to save them, Hasbro said, with online shoe retailer Zappos and garden-tool maker Ames True Temper advocating for their appropriate tokens.

Did no one speak up for the iron?

In the vote for a new token, the cat scratched out top honors. This, of course, threatens to disrupt future Monopoly games whenever the Scottie dog and the cat land on the same square.

The Associated Press contributed to this article.

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