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Child Advocacy: The importance of mental health services for children transitioning out of foster care 

“April” is a 20 year-old youth in the foster care system only a few months shy of her 21st birthday. On that day, she will ...

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Do yourself — and your clients — a favor: Don’t sacrifice sleep

BOSTON – The life of a successful law student and lawyer requires many sacrifices. During the law school years, you had to sacrifice leisure time, ...

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Child Advocacy: Glitch repaired in college-tuition waiver for foster and homeless youth

In 2007, Maryland’s Education Article was amended to include a provision waiving tuition for youth in foster care planning to attend public institutions of higher ...

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Mediation: What are we looking for?

Almost since mediation became a process, there has been debate over how a mediator should conduct the mediation process. Most of the literature indicates that ...

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