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  • Mich. divorce cases raise ‘dirty laundry’ concerns

    Mich. divorce cases raise ‘dirty laundry’ concerns

    A sole practitioner trying to boost his divorce practice regularly visits trial court websites to take a look at the divorce complaints. He then sends letters to the non-filers, hoping to get them as new clients. On several occasions, the letters have notified non-filers of the divorce proceedings before the filers have been able to break the news. And in some cases where domestic violence is alleged, the letters have tipped off non-filers, making it nearly impossible for the filers to get away unscathed.

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  • Rabbi in forced-divorces case convicted of kidnap conspiracy

    An Orthodox rabbi accused of using brutal tactics to force unwilling Jewish men to divorce their wives was convicted this week of conspiracy to commit kidnapping. But the federal jury in Rabbi Mendel Epstein's case rendered a mixed verdict Tuesday, acquitting him of attempted kidnapping. Epstein's son was acquitted of conspiracy and kidnapping counts. Two other rabbis were convicted of conspiracy to commit kidnapping and attempted kidnapping.

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  • Mich. court debuts dedicated parenting-time docket

    A specialized docket devoted exclusively to parenting-time issues is now up and running in Michigan's Wayne County Circuit Court, saving parties both time and money. A similar docket was in place several years ago but fell to the wayside when the presiding referee retired, according to Wayne Circuit Court Administrator Zenell B. Brown. The docket has been resurrected, she said, because it has been taking too long for parenting-time issues to be resolved. “When we scheduled motions across the board for all referees, they ended up coming after child-support issues and other filings, and people were having to wait a long time for a court date,” Brown said. “The judges were getting upset because parties were sometimes waiting 12 weeks for a parenting-time motion to be heard.”

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