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Child Advocacy: The need for experts to admit evaluations in child welfare cases

In an unreported opinion issued in July, In re: Adoption/Guardianship of T.A., JR., the Maryland Court of Special Appeals highlighted an evidentiary issue with respect ...

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Dealing with difficult clients

BOSTON – I have heard several lawyers break the ice with an audience of their peers by joking that they love their jobs – except ...

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Child Advocacy: The heroin crisis and its impact on children in foster care

Five-year-old Jane entered foster care because, on more than one occasion, both her parents were in an unconscious state in their apartment, overcome by their ...

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When it comes to technology, change is good

According to a recent study conducted by Altman Weil, “Law Firms in Transition 2017”, 72 percent of responding firms believe that change in the legal ...

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