Schmittdiel, Cox, Colchie and Preftakes join STX

Mike Schmittdiel

Michael Cox

Mike Schmittdiel recently joined STX as a senior mechanical engineer. Schmittdiel is an expert in the research, development and production of products and systems. Previously, he worked at Rainin Instrument LLC as a senior project engineer.

Michael Cox recently joined STX as an industrial designer. Cox brings his knowledge and experience from Travelon where he worked as an Industrial Designer.

Kate Colchie

Kate Colchie joins STX as an Industrial Designer. Before coming to STX, Colchie worked as a user interface designer at Ping golf and as an industrial design intern at Cascade Sports.

Meggie Preftakes

Meggie Preftakes recently joined STX as a mechanical engineer. At STX, Preftakes works with the research and development team validating new design concepts and testing equipment. Most recently, Preftakes worked as a mechanical engineering Contractor at TCOM, L.P.

Pretakes has also worked at Jetboil, Inc., Ultralife Batteries, Inc and Kimball Physics, Inc.

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