Lourie, Rosenblatt, Peko-Rios join Children’s Guild

Drs. Ira S. Lourie, Jack E. Rosenblatt and Maria Peko-Rios have joined The Children’s Guild, which serves children and adolescents who are difficult to educate due to autism, multiple disabilities and trauma.

Lourie is a child psychiatrist and psychiatric consultant providing outpatient mental health services for Children’s Guild locations in Western Maryland. He also trains and consults with The Children’s Guild’s clinical staff.

Lourie is a partner in the Human Service Collaborative, which provides consultation, technical assistance and training in human service policy and development, as well as consults for two community-based agencies for troubled children.

In addition, he is assistant clinical professor of child psychiatry at Georgetown University School of Medicine.

Rosenblatt, who has more than 40 years of experience, is medical director for The Children’s Guild’s outpatient mental health center and provides psychiatric services to students at the Baltimore campus. Rosenblatt also maintains a private practice in child, adolescent and adult psychiatry and edits “Currents in Affective Illness,” a monthly literature review and commentary.

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