Billy goes Baltiwood

murphy-billymf33.jpgBaltimore lawyer William H. “Billy” Murphy Jr. is no stranger to cameras: he has stood in front of them after defending boxing promoter Don King in federal court in Manhattan in 1998 and after winning a $276 million verdict against what was then First Union National Bank in 2002.

But more recently, Murphy seems to have taken a jurist admirer’s words to heart.

“He’s got a flair,” retired Baltimore City Circuit Judge Edgar P. Silver said in a 2002 Daily Record article on Murphy. “He could’ve been a Hollywood actor.”

Murphy will play, essentially, himself in the upcoming final season of HBO’s Baltimore-based series, “The Wire,” The Baltimore Sun reports.

And as soon as the Washington-based nonprofit Flex Your Rights Foundation raises enough money to complete the project, Murphy will narrate its next public awareness video: “Street Law: How to Deal with Police & Racial Profiling.”

Any other lawyers or judges out there who are ready for their close-ups?

BRENDAN KEARNEY, Legal Affairs Writer

One thought on “Billy goes Baltiwood

  1. DEAR; Billy murphy, I was one of your first clients when you first completed law school. I was sentensed to serve time at the DEPT>OF CORRECTIONS. When the sentence was read, You told me that if I ever needed anything, TO CALL YOU,But I have been calling you for atlease six months NO RESPONSE. I am in a Major criminal battle to save My son [leon d. coleman] from being incarcerrated for thirty years. I hope that you remember the (HOT BOYS) high profile case from 2003; PLEASE TAKE INTO CONCIDERATION. PLEASE RESPOND, ASAP.
    please assist me thank you. L.R. COLEMAN.

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