Scrooge McDuck tops Forbes’ fictional 15 Rich list

250px-scroogemcduck.jpgSoaring gold prices have lifted Duckburg’s Scrooge McDuck to the top of the Forbes’ “fictional 15″ this year.

Even Forbes notes that the duck’s hoard of coins and bullion – estimated at almost $30B – is “more than you can shake a tail feather at.” It’s worth following this link to read the rags-to-riches story of the Scottish-born duck.

Here’s the list:

1. Scrooge McDuck, $28.8B; Mining, Treasure Hunting

2. Ming the Merciless (alien overlord), Mingo City, $20.9B; Slavery, Planet Mongo Technology

3. Richie Rich, Richville, $16.1B; Inheritance, Conglomerates

4. Mom (Futurama), New York City, $15.7B; Technology, Conglomerates

5. Jed Clampett, Beverly Hills, Calif., $11B; Oil, Gas, Banking

6. C. Montgomery Burns, Springfield, $8.4B; Energy (down from No. 2 last year, due to the ransacking of Burns Manor)

7. Carter Pewterschmidt, Newport, RI, $7.2B; Inheritance, Media, Steel

8. Bruce Wayne, Gotham City, $7.0B; Inheritance, Defense

9. Thurston Howell III, Private Island, $6.3B; Howell Industries South Pacific

10. Tony Stark, New York, NY, $6B; Defense

11. Fake Steve Jobs, Palo Alto, Calif, $5.7B,

12. Gomez Addams, Westfield, N.J., $2B, Inheritance, Investing

13. Willy Wonka, Kent, England, $1.9B, Candy, Aerospace

14. Lucius Malfoy, Wiltshire, England, $1.6B, Inheritance

15. Princess Peach, Mushroom Kingdom, $1.3B, Inheritance, Commodities

You may notice the absence of Santa Claus, who was removed from the Forbes list in 2006, after, say the writers, they were “bombarded by letters from outraged children insisting that Claus is ‘real.’”

JACKIE SAUTER, Multimedia Editor

One thought on “Scrooge McDuck tops Forbes’ fictional 15 Rich list

  1. I disagree with these rankings. C. Montgomery Burns had enough liquid assets to build a shield that would block out the sun over Springfield. Any one who has the funds on hand to do so in less than a week is worth more than $8.4 billion. Perhaps the fiscal statisticians who came up with this had their own agenda…

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