UMB Law School grads/politicians present at groundbreaking

At Monday’s opening/groundbreaking ceremony for Buildings II and III at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, BioPark in West Baltimore, three of the politicians on stage were UMB Law School graduates.

Governor Martin O’Malley (’88), Congressman Elijah Cummings (’76), and Senator Ben Cardin (’67) are all big supporters of UMB’s West Side development.

We found this interesting because it shows a sort of institutional loyalty to the University of Maryland, Baltimore, that many graduate students don’t have. Sure, you stay true to your law school, but does that mean you give back to the geeks in the labs over at the biophysics building? What about the med students or the social scientists? Are they all bound together by Terrapin Pride?

We caught up with Sen. Cardin briefly after the ceremony and the symbolic first shovelful of dirt, to ask him about this phenomenon.

cardin-ben2mf.jpg“I owe a lot to [the University of Maryland], and my law school days were formative in giving me the tools to be analytical and persuasive,” he said. “It was life changing for me. It was there more than anywhere that everyone talked about and intended to solve the problems of the world.”

The Senator said that in his day, med students and law students would get together and talk idealistically about how to get things done.

“The medical students used our library, and we used theirs,” he said. “But we also had a bit of competition over who had the better campus coffee place.”

And in the end, are you wondering who won?

The Senator shrugged.

“Neither of us,” he said. “Lexington Market had the best coffee.”

ROBBIE WHELAN, Business Writer