Law Blog round-up

Good afternoon! Here are some law links to start your week:

  • At Psychology Today’s blog, a psychologist writes about how the documented mental health problems of Mark Castillo, who admitted to drowning his three children in a hotel bathtub last week, could affect his case.
  • The Sun had a story yesterday about a female gang member who sounds seriously scary. Detail to note: if the feds indict her for murder, she could face the death penalty. From the Death Penalty Information Center’s page on women and capital punishment, it would appear that neither Maryland nor the federal government has actually executed a woman since 1976 (when the death penalty was reinstated after being struck down), though both jurisdictions have very occasionally sentenced a woman to die. Thanks to Baltimore Crime for the link.
  • Consumer lawyer Scott Legg posts about new laws aimed at protecting homeowners, including an amendment to 2005’s Protection of Homeowners in Foreclosure Act.
  • Dawn Elaine Bowie at the Maryland Father’s Rights Blog says more men are getting alimony these days.
  • Maybe things are different across the pond, but really, who wears fishnet stockings to the office?

CARYN TAMBER, Legal Affairs Writer