Sweetheart, get me re-write: Where are the women lawyers?

04_10_judgejudy.jpgAbove the Law reports that Entertainment Weekly has put out a list of 15 TV and movie attorneys they would hire. Really now, there’s got to be more than one lone female on-screen attorney (and the one they do have on there is the clueless Ally McBeal, whom EW.com admits is a “neurotic mess” — argh) who could make the list.

Or maybe not. In this review of the 2002 movie High Crimes, the author writes that female lawyers in the movies have been “a complete disaster. They have been unethical, incompetent, over-emotional, messed up people with horrible judgment and no personal life.”

Anyone out there have a favorite on-screen lawyer, or one who makes your blood boil?

CARYN TAMBER, Legal Affairs Writer