Crime victims tour Supermax prison

Not exactly your average launch party.

This morning, the Dept. of Correctional Services hosted its eighth annual crime victims’ prison tour at the state’s Supermax prison. The tour was part of National Victims’ Rights Week, which begins nationally on Monday.

The invite list was exclusive: about 40 crime victims and victim advocates were expected to attend.

According to the release, “victims who have attended past prison tours have remarked that they have been very beneficial in allowing them to see that offenders are not ‘treated to a life of luxury’ or ‘coddled.’”

They also claim:

“At the same time, victims are often gratified to know that the 98% of inmates who will one day be released are offered numerous programs and services designed to help them break their addictions and turn their lives around for a successful return to society.”

On Monday morning, there will be a kickoff ceremony for victims’ rights week at the Public Safety Education and Training Center in Sykesville.

Supermax houses 160 state-sentenced men and 120 federal detainees.