Untraceable guns, untraceable crime

According to the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, gun dealers nationwide “lost” an average of at least 82 firearms every day last year. For all of fiscal year 2007, this adds up to a grand total of more than 30,000 firearms that cannot be accounted for in dealers’ inventories. The Brady Center analyzed this month’s data from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, which led to these disturbing figures.

Untraceable guns are the perfect fit for criminals seeking to become untraceable themselves. That’s why the law already requires dealers to keep records of the guns it sells, and to whom. And gun laws aside, tracking inventory should be basic shopkeepers’ math. It doesn’t seem like that should be too much to ask of any honest, moral gun dealer.

Unfortunately, an enforcement agency like the ATF doesn’t have the resources to inspect every single gun store across the country. Between untraceable guns and legislative loopholes (like the fact that our government has failed to require gun shows to implement a thorough background check on customers), gun control looks more and more like an exercise in futility.

As a person who grew up in a house with guns, and whose father took the license to have such a weapon very seriously, I would hope there are many law-abiding gun owners out there who would not see more stringent enforcement of inventory regulations as an assault on the Second Amendment. Besides, according to that very amendment, even the militia “necessary to the security of a free State” is “well regulated.”

Francis Smith, Special Publications Assistant Editor

3 thoughts on “Untraceable guns, untraceable crime

  1. There is no license needed to own a firearm in Maryland and there are only a few states that require a license to own a firearm (four or five I believe) and some of those have only required it in the past few decades. What state did you grow up in?

    Also, you mention the militia, but the second part mentions the “people” and the “people” are not regulated in the Second Amendment anymore than they are in the First Amendment.

  2. Measuring the hysteria the Government is creating over this issue it is not too hard to see where this is going. Does anybody remember Prohibition? People who wanted booze got it. The antis think we got problems now? Watch what happens when gun sales get forced underground.

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