Law blog round-up

Happy last-full-workweek-most-of-us-will-have-for-a-few-weeks!

* On Sunday, The Sun had this very sad account of an alleged domestic violence murder.

* At least two other firms are apparently considering pulling a DLA Piper with their non-equity partners, a law prof tells the NLJ.

* Big firm layoffs, both public and “stealth,” are up since the summer, associates tell Above the Law.

* “DNA evidence has been widely embraced over the last two decades as a powerful forensic tool to prove a defendant’s guilt or innocence,” writes the Chicago Tribune. “But in Lake County, authorities have sometimes pressed for convictions even when the DNA doesn’t match a suspect.” HT: How Appealing.

* From the “thanks, Captain Obvious” file comes this advice for 1Ls navigating a troubled economy. Gee whiz, 1Ls should try to get good grades?

CARYN TAMBER, Legal Affairs Writer

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