Snider’s ‘Ciao to Chao’ party

A Baltimore plaintiff’s-side employment law firm paid for Labor Department employees to hold a party celebrating the imminent departure of their boss, Secretary Elaine Chao, complete with a “Ciao to Chao” cake and a round of “Na na na na, na na na na, hey, hey, goodbye.”

The fête was reported in the Washington Post this morning. Columnist Joe Davidson wrote that the employees feel Chao, a Bush appointee, has been way too pro-business.

The law firm is Snider & Associates L.L.C., and the WaPo says it paid $6,000 for the affair. Davidson notes: “A Snider advertisement on the back page of the local’s newsletter notes the firm’s representation of federal employees and says “Local 12 trusts us . . . So should you!”

I’m waiting for a call from Mike Snider of the firm to find out more.

Incoming Secretary Hilda Solis had better hope she rates better than Chao did with career Labor staffers, or she may be looking at a “Solace from Solis” cake in four or eight years. (It’s OK, you can groan.)

CARYN TAMBER, Legal Affairs Writer

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