Is that Peter Angelos tweeting?

I got in this morning after a few days out of the office and saw an e-mail letting me know that @Peter_Angelos was now following me on Twitter. My BS detector went off immediately. (See how quick on the uptake we trained reporters are?) Can you imagine the cantankerous, 79-year-old personal injury mogul and Orioles owner on Twitter?

Sure enough, it’s clearly a fake, but a pretty funny one. The pseudo-Angelos idenitifies himself as an “uber-ambulance chaser” and muses about “refreshing myself with a quick swim in my money vault before heading to Camden Yards. Note to self: wear underpants.” Another gem: “Note to self: place sun on probation. I’m paying good money & I expect that stupid ball of fire to blind Johnny Damon on routine pop-ups.”

If you are wondering, Twitter says it may suspend people who impersonate others on the service if they actually confuse or mislead people into thinking they’re the real deal. Parody, on the other hand, is fair game: “Parody impersonation accounts are allowed to exist. The profile information on a parody account must make it obvious that the profile is fake, or it is subject to removal from” (HT: Slate, which saw one of its own reporters impersonated on Twitter last week.)

I’m thinking my new friend @Peter_Angelos is in the clear.

Obligatory self-promotional note: You can follow me on Twitter @CarynTamber.

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