Monday law blog round-up

Happy icy Monday! Drive and walk carefully. I don’t know how conditions are by you, but here, the roads are OK but the sidewalks are a little treacherous.

  • Baltimore Police are sending “Dear John” letters (clever!) to guys neighborhood observers have tagged as cruising for prostitutes. A noted Baltimore defense lawyer cries foul.
  • Oops. In a short item in Time about the death penalty’s fading importance as a political issue, the magazine’s Web site embeds a link titled, “Read about Maryland’s decision to end the death penalty.”
  • The Post has an interesting rundown of the circumstances surrounding the Salahi affair.
  • Black-lung disease is back on the rise. Soon to follow: a rise in black-lung lawsuits, surely. HT: Mass Tort Litigation Blog.
  • Says Sonia Sotomayor: “I understand from my girlfriends that I’ve been put on a most eligible bachelorette list. I’ll figure that out in time. But right now I pity the man who tries to find a minute in my schedule.” HT: Above the Law.