Monday law blog round-up

Happy Presidents Day!

  • What happens to those stuck in jail awaiting a bail review hearing when the courts are closed for days because of the weather?
  • “The deaths of a Garden City family in a Maryland hotel room have ignited a protracted struggle almost a year later over the $5 million life insurance fund of its patriarch, William Parente, a battle that may turn on an unusual posthumous trial to prove that he killed them and himself.”
  • If the president can make sure he eats with his family every night, you can set your own priorities vis-a-vis work too, Carolyn Elefant writes.
  • McGuireWoods gets stiffed on BAR/BRI fees.
  • How do you date a lawyer? (HT: Above the Law.)
  • Supreme Court Justice Hillary Clinton? The White House is reportedly prepping for the possibility that both John Paul Stevens and Ruth Bader Ginsburg will retire at the end of the term. Link courtesy of How Appealing.

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