Law blog roundup

Good Monday morning. If you’re still tired after losing an hour of sleep over the weekend, look at the bright side: it may be light outside when you leave your office tonight. If that doesn’t do it for you, perhaps the law links below will.

  • A lawyer reviewing claims that chemical testing at Fort Detrick has caused a cancer cluster says it ain’t so.
  • Law firms are doing better, but it’s mostly because of cost-cutting measures.
  • Maryland’s failed gay marriage bill exposed religious fault lines.
  • When all it takes is “I’m sorry.”
  • Ag art lovers: better get out there and get snapping soon. A Florida bill could make it illegal to take photos of farms there.
  • The National Law Journal has a comprehensive package on Legal Aid.
  • A Philadelphia public school teacher has been yanked her from the classroom for publicly opposing a plan to turn her school into a charter school. The union expects her to be fired today.
  • L’Affaire Renault.

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