Being (kinda) Like Mike

Designer knock-offs might be bad for business, but blatant designer knock-offs are always good for a laugh. A Rolax watch? A Pollo shirt? There’s more funny there than you can fit into a Louis Veeton bag.

Which brings us to a story from Georgia about counterfeit Air Jordans, the iconic Nike brand. An officer pulled over a car and noticed the smell of marijuana. A search of the car yielded 78 boxes of Air Jordans.

Except the serial number on the tongues of the shoes didn’t match the one on the box. And the Nike logos peeled off.

And because Michael Jordan’s hand had six fingers.

The two women in the car have been charged “for having forged or counterfeited goods,” according to a local news report.

No word if the women will attempt the “Antonio Alfonseca” defense.

One thought on “Being (kinda) Like Mike

  1. Does that mean that Alfonseca got 2 World Series rings when he was with the ’97 Marlins?

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