Lawyer captures win over speed camera ticket

Local attorney and noted sports heckler Robin Ficker took on, yet again, what many would consider an impossible case.

The Bethesda attorney argued against a speeding ticket he received from a Montgomery County speeding camera and won, The Washington Post reported.

Ficker was driving down Jones Bridge Road in Bethesda in September when the camera’s bulb flashed on him. Ficker argued the speed camera violated the county’s speed camera policy, which is to slow traffic in residential areas and near schools. The speed camera that caught him, he said, was at least 270 yards from the nearest house.

After District Court Judge John C. Moffett ruled in favor of Ficker, the attorney called for any drivers caught by that particular speeding camera to be refunded the $40 fine. Police, however, responded that Ficker’s case did not set a precedent in the county.

Ficker was most recently in the news for representing a Montgomery County student suspended for making a gun gesture at an elementary school.

The attorney, however, is best-known as a heckler at Washington Bullets (now Wizards) basketball games, yelling at opposing players from the front row.

Ficker also made several unsuccessful runs for public office, including Montgomery County executive and seats in the state House of Delegates.

Ficker was indefinitely suspended in 2007 but was later reinstated.

(Photo from The Washington Post.)

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