Woes at Womble

Looks like there’s a lot shakin’ at Womble Carlyle these days.

After some high-profile shake-ups in the law firm’s Baltimore office, it is now facing a disability discrimination lawsuit from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

A former office assistant filed the suit in U.S. District Court in North Carolina last week, claiming she had been terminated for a disability that resulted from breast cancer treatments, The AmLaw Daily reported.

As part of her condition, the former assistant swelled up in places all over her body and was not able to lift heavy objects, symptoms explained to her workplace with a doctor’s note.

After a human resources director told her the firm was worried she couldn’t perform her job properly by not being able to lift objects weighing over 10 pounds, she was placed on disability leave for a month, then terminated.

The former assistant is now seeking punitive damages and compensation as well as a court-ordered injunction on the company’s hiring practices.

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