Bad grade? So sue me

What’s the cost of a mediocre grade in a college course? To Megan Thode, it’s $1.3 million.

The former Lehigh University graduate student is suing over a “C+” in an internship class, saying she deserved a “B” and that the lower grade prevented her from advancing toward her desired degree and becoming a licensed therapist, the Express-Times reported.

The professor testified in Northampton County Court in Pennsylvania that Thode was downgraded in her class participation score for outbursts and inappropriate behavior. Thode ended up with a master’s in education in human development instead of a master’s in education in counseling psychology, which, according to her lawsuit, would result in $1.3 million more in salary over a lifetime.

Thode isn’t the first student to sue for a higher grade. The Huffington Post listed cases of grading lawsuits from Texas Southern University’s law school, the University of Massachusetts and Canada’s Concordia University.

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