Law blog roundup

Welcome to Monday, pitching great Whitey Ford’s 85th birthday.

Photo of Whitey Ford baseball card

1955 Bowman baseball card of Whitey Ford of the New York Yankees.

Here are some news items to get your week started.

– New Jersey governor drops appeal of same-sex marriage decision.

– A $2 award yields $197,505 in fees.

– Former federal informant sues United States for abandonment.

– Prosecutors seek life sentences for Khmer Rouge leaders.

Law blog roundup

scalesofjusticeimageWelcome to Monday, the 92nd anniversary of the first radio broadcast of a baseball game. Here are some news items to get the week started.

– Turkish court sets the price for a failed coup attempt.

– Online gun sales might provide a show-like loophole.

– Buying someone a drink has landed one Texas man in big trouble.

– Court-martial of accused Fort Hood shooter begins Tuesday — nearly four years after deadly rampage.



Law blog roundup

Chris DavisWelcome to Monday, the first day of the All-Star break. Here are some news items to consider before the Home Run Derby.

– Federal court’s plan to handle New York police lawsuits draws fire.

– California trial lawyers mount ballot initiative to raise cap on non-economic damages.

– Passengers in San Francisco plane crash will not be treated equally.

– Former Chinese labor-camp inmate wins compensation.

Law blog roundup

Welcome to Tuesday and game two of the Battle of the Beltways. Here are some pregame news items.

– A man who helped give rise to many a Constitutional Law and bar exam question has died.

– President Obama will play Pick Three.

– Millions may have overstayed their welcome.

– Roger Clemens may have cheated off the diamond.

Law blog roundup

Welcome to Monday, the 98th anniversary of Baltimore native Babe Ruth’s first major league home run. Here are some news items to get your week started.

– The West, Texas, fertilizer plant was woefully under insured.

– Is there “a fundamental right … to engage in intimate contact“?

– A new book on The Roberts Court will hit stores this week.

– Businesses speak well of the aforementioned court.

Law blog roundup

Dzhokar TsarnaevWelcome to Monday, and the 110th anniversary of the first game played by the New York Highlanders (later, and better known, as the Yankees). Here are some news items to get your week started.

– Where should Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev be tried?

– Should Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy apologize to gun makers?

– Does a car passenger have the right to leave the vehicle after the driver’s arrest for alleged drunk driving?

– Justice might be delayed but not denied in Brazil.

Law blog roundup

Opening DayWelcome to Monday and a day for fools. Here are some news items to get the first week of the baseball season started.

– A law professor provided perhaps the best explanation of what happened last week at the Supreme Court.

– Should detained immigrants have a right to counsel?

– Colorado prosecutors weigh seeking the death penalty for accused movie-theater murderer.

– Utah opens courtrooms to television and radio coverage.

Law blog roundup

Welcome to Monday and the first week of spring training. Here are some news items before pitchers and catchers report.

– Should Securities and Exchange Commission lawyers be permitted to jump to Wall Street firms and vice versa?

– Final U.S. book publisher settles e-book antitrust case.

– Michigan courts might have a secret problem.

– Women sue “revenge porn” website.

Law blog roundup

Welcome to Monday, a day on which two movies immediately come to mind. And let’s not forget the roundup. Here are some news items to get your week started.

– A New York Times obituary recalls the Pentagon Papers case.

– DNA evidence reaches a milestone.

– How has the BP oil spill affected class-action litigation?

– Detroit newspaper continues battle to get public records on parolees and probationers.